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AwArtMali second coordination meeting in Barcelona

The AwArtMali coordination meeting met in Barcelona from the 29th to the 30th May. Representatives from Tamat, Giusti Eventi, Congenia, Ismu, Cardet and Instrategies were in attendance in order to report on the implementation and managing of the AwArtMali project.
Earlier this year, Le Tonus, an NGO operating in Mali, was engaged in the project in order to provide local expertise and hands-on experience. Since then, many researching activities, meetings with stakeholders and EU representatives and trips to both Brussels and Mali have taken place, involving
all the partners.

There was a brief overview of the tasks some of the partners have implemented in order to produce the corresponding reports to the European Commission and evaluation questionnaires, to promote the project by creating a website, a Facebook page, to publish articles, and to produce informative leaflets to make the project known in Mali.

Giusti Eventi presented the campaign proposed by the Malian partner, Le Tonus. Some recommendations and proposals for change were given by the rest of the partners in order to further improve the campaign.

A joint solution to some issues regarding the theatre play Farneto Teatro will perform in Mali was agreed upon. At the same time, Farneto Teatro, who is also in charge of making the video, asked for collaborators to help them carry out some of the tasks.