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What is AwArtMali

Awarness Campaign

will be developed through

A video-documentary to collect testimonies of the Malian diasporas in Europe (Italy and Spain), describing their journey, the reasons that led them to leave, showing their daily life and the costs of their choice.

A tailor-made communication strategy and a target oriented campaign, based on the results of a field research aimed at identifying the target audiences and defining brand and message.

An itinerant Theatre play: “A caravan towards Mali”, involving pan-African actors and musicians using local languages, music, dances, masks and local artistic and cultural contents aiming to create a direct relationship with the spectators and touch the collective imagination.

Information Activities

to ensure the effectiveness of the project by

Taking advantage of the theatrical style developed in Africa and known as “Théâtre de Sensibilisation”, that activates participatory processes with direct involvement of the spectators and debates among the audience of the local communities.

Developing a dedicated APP aiming to keep the target groups informed on real opportunities to sustain socio-economic development in Mali, ensuring them a decent life and explaining how to apply.

Managing a website and blog reporting news and articles with the purpose to inform and promote a conscious choice for the target.

Organizing active capacity building workshops that involve the main local stakeholders (Malian public bodies, NGOs, Agencies working on the field, etc.), in order to share the gathered info, know-how and best practices, inform them on the blog and APP and explain how to directly use the campaign outputs and contents, develop their capacity to network and build synergies with other stakeholders.