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From Africa to Europe – The Mali Migration at a Glance

Debate session

On September 28th 2020, the final conference of the AwArtMali project took place in Spain through a debate session “From Africa to Europe. A look at migrations from Mali”. It was held by 4 speakers: Daniel Zerbo, Vice President of the High Council of Malians of Spain; Ramatou SANGARÉ, President of the Badenya Social and Cultural Association in Mataró; Beatriz Mesa, Doctor, Professor and Researcher at the International University of Rabat and Correspondent in Maghreb / ​​Sahel since 2007; and Gaby Poblet, Director of Europe Sense Murs. As a consequence of the current health situation, participants joined a Zoom meeting to carry out the session.

After the presentation of the project and its main results, all the speakers intervened in the debate. Firstly, Daniel Zerbo talked about the current situation in Mali and the possible ways to enter in Europe and more specifically, in Spain. Secondly, Ramatou Sangaré talked about her personal experience when migrating to Catalonia and the conditions Malians suffer when they arrive. Thirdly, Beatriz Mesa discussed about African migrations and the characteristics of the current movements. Lastly, Gaby Poblet addressed the issue of young people and existing youth migration strategies as a result of the lack of safe routes.

There was also some time for questions and answers with the participants where it was discussed the recent pact of the European Union on Immigration and Asylum and the effectiveness and appropriateness of return policies. Finally, it was screened the part of the documentary video of the project that shows the process around the Caravan Theatre.