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Newsletter December 2019

The blog

The Blog is one of the tools managed within the TAMA 365 communication campaign that is characterized like a multi-channel campaign as it serves different tools between analogue and digital.

The object of the blog is to include the experiences told directly by the words of the protagonists, with news, information and articles that will be more in-depth from the point of view of the project partners and whose goal will be to inform and promote an informed choice by the target, and information on real opportunities for Malians who want to migrate or return.

The level of information will be higher than the information already provided by the project App and will represent at the same time a platform in which also the Malian diasporas in Europe have shared their thoughts and experiences on migration and / or investment opportunities for their remittances.

Created and managed by the communication agency and project partner Giusti Eventi, the blog, derived from the choice of partners, has a simple reading structure and a strong visual impact in order to better communicate with the Malian public.

The TAMA 365 blog will follow step by step the development of the communication campaign and all related activities and will be divided into the following sections:

1) HISTOIRES (Stories), with contributions, articles and other materials collected from beneficiaries, partners, diasporas or from those who will provide content on the field, etc.,

2) OPPORTUNITÉS (Opportunities), with all the information related to socio-economic opportunities in Mali collected in the opportunity catalogue (edited in particular by CONGENIA, project partner, with the support of NGO LE TONUS) developed with the activity of identifying opportunities and constantly updated with new resources and useful information from the development of other activities, such as capacity building workshops;

3) CAMPAGNE (campaign), with information and multimedia materials (audio, video, articles,.) that makes available and follows the development of the TAMA365 communication campaign in all its different phases with the relative production and dissemination of contents and tools;

4) THÉÂTRE (Theatre), with information and multimedia materials on the theatre caravan tour and with all the information on the tour with specific news, articles and text, audio and video content;

5) Projet Awartmali (AWARTMALI PROJECT), with general information on the project and directly linked to the information on the project website

The materials that will be published will be provided by the beneficiaries and interested parties of the project contacted during the execution of the activities: interviews collected during the preparatory phase of research and development of the communication strategy, interviews and videos collected among the beneficiaries and the diasporas in the video-documentary, contributions from interested parties participating in the meetings to strengthen capacities, voices or images from the theatre tour or from debates organized by the animators and cultural mediators with the beneficiaries who disseminate the materials of the TAMA 365 campaign in the villages.

Furthermore, the BLOG will be linked to a specific TAMA365 Facebook page, the Facebook page of AwArtMali and WhatsApp.

The CARDET partner will manage the continuous connection and updating of all the contents of the blog with the TAMA 365 App which guarantees accessibility to all information and content via the Internet even on different mobile devices and personal use. In fact, the purpose of the blog is also to be the “window” on the project even for those who are not directly involved, effectively acting as a return of the same for the local community.

Due to its ability to be continuously updated, the blog is a tool that can guarantee the continuity of the project and the possibility of providing opportunities to raise awareness of the migration problem even after the end of the TAMA365 project and campaign.