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As part of the third mission to Mali

Collections of interviews and images for a future realization of a theatrical play on illegal immigration.

From June the 9th to the 16th , an Italian-Burkinabé team visited Mali as part of the third mission. It included Maurizio Smith from Farneto Teatro, Luca Foussi and the comedian, He devert Meda from Burkina Faso. The aims of the visitors were to conduct interviews and take pictures for a future performance of a theatrical play on illegal immigration.

The missionaries carried out field trips in four communes of Kati circle (Dio-station, Diago, Kambila and Yelekebougou) to get in contact with the migrants returning from Europe, potential migrants (wishing to be serried in Europe), notabilities village women and some teachers. The localities visited are Dio-gare (commune deDio-station); Goro (municipality of Diago); Fanafiécoro and Kambila (commune of Kambila); Golobala and Siramasso (commune of Yelekebougou). The targeted people agreed to answer all the questions asked by the visitors. They agreed to be filmed during the interviews by Mauricio Smith, who was in his subject with his camera, he never left. He had the opportunity to take beautiful pictures reflecting the reality of villages furrowed.

The missionaries had no rest during their stay since they had to question, from June 10 to 15, at least five to eight people per visited village and on the basis of a well established calendar at the beginning. out, they were accompanied by a project leader. All things, which facilitated their displacement in the villages mentioned above. In fact, the three animators of the AwartMali project (Satigui Sissoko, TiémokoDembélé and Aminata Traoré) had done preliminary work on the ground to target the people to be interviewed in the villages of their commune of competence. The project coordinator AwArtMali, M. Moussa Souleymane ensured strict adherence to the missionary calendar and the proper organization of the mission. The AwArtMali project manager, Mr. Amadou Sidibé, closely supervised the good performance of this third mission to ensure the achievement of the objectives. targeted by the Italian-Burkinabe team in Mali.